The Evolution of Game Icons: Exploring the Banners of ARK: Survival Evolved (2017)

Exploring the Banners of ARK

Out there in the great vastness of the world of video games, icons aim at representing the features of a game and sell players on an experience. Among the myriad of titles, ARK: Most players would probably recognize these banners as part of the game due to its interesting gameplay, as well as its memorable logos. Released in 2017, ARK: Into the gaming sphere, the Survival Evolved has already entered the league of famous games and today its banners act as symbols of the game that lets players travel to an appealing and mysterious world full of challenges, adventures, and discoveries.

Genesis of the ARK: Survival Evolved Banners

With the banners of ARK, one can almost go back to the beginning, starting with the concept and idea of the game to create a post-apocalyptic-themed game that captured the spirit of the prehistoric world with magnificent creatures and landscapes. Each banner corresponds to one of the game biomes, which ranges from forests and mountains and from deserts and swamps. From this point of view, the color and graphics of these banners are complementary to the gamified environment while conveying a spark of curiosity.

Symbolism and Significance

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the banners of ARK: These games do not just represent some random elements of existence; they have deep meaning and essence in ARK: Survival Evolved situations. Tucked on every banner, there are illustrated characters that the players encounter in the ARK, including the brutal T-Rex, the Colossus Brontosaurus, and the cunning Velociraptors. Many times, these are not mere avatars of the game, but the issues and accomplishments that players face in the game. In addition, the banners signed represent hope being symbolic since the players are motivated to push on no matter the odds and joining forces in dangerous circumstances.

Evolution of Design

Looking at the appearances of the banners, those of ARK contain evolution in their appearances as the game went through progressive changes. Arranged in the format of banners since its release in 2017, and accompanying expansions and updates, the artefacts bear more complicated semantics and increasing formalism. New animals have shown up, territories have gained size and new territories have appeared in the map as in the banners. These changes notwithstanding, the banners crucial aspects have not departed from its essentials; thus, attesting to the game’s longevity.

Community Engagement

One of the defining features of ARK: Survival Evolved is the result of its non-stop and inspiring community, which has been fundamental for the definition of those banners. Players are not only actively participating in the communities via forums, social networks, or subjecting themselves to various community events but also continuously offering feedback and providing guidance regarding the choice and design of the banners used in graphics. Being able to involve the community takes the banners to the next level as it also creates the aspect of ownership and the fact that the players are able to connect with the banners emotionally.

Beyond the Screen

The following examples indicate that ARK’s banners are not exclusive to the digital screen but has expanded to other manner of tangible and non tangible products and publicity. Being the part of the game equipment travelers use in their parties, the banners are seemingly ordinary t-shirts and posters, posters for the art show, souvenirs such as dolls and toys, and art books among others through which players can interact and explore the myths and legends of the ARK. They also double up as marketing signs that attract new talent as well as the game prouds its presence to many people.


In conclusion, the banners of ARK: In the game simply called ‘ARK: Survival Evolved’, icons are not just creations that are depicted visually; they are symbols of exploring the world, overcoming the obstacles and companionship. They are memorable and beloved series of banners from their creation to their development, becoming symbols of hope amid the derring and uncertainty of the global players. And as the times change, so shall the banners of the ARK and their solemn décor shall remain as eloquent witnesses of the Abzillions and the great undertaking that awaits those who dare to seize it. For more information visit


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